Equality = Equality

deteriment of menIt’s so often I find that the assumption of when you support women’s rights is that you don’t support men. Some people miss the entire idea of equality and can only assume that if you are promoting women, you are doing it at men’s detriment. How this idea got started, I’m not really sure. But I wish to fuck that it would end.

Liking one thing doesn’t mean that you hate the alternative. Liking chocolate cake doesn’t mean that you hate vanilla cake, want it banned or want people who enjoy it to be punished. Having a favorite musical artist doesn’t mean that you loathe every other person that has ever made music in the world. So why would someone accuse you of hating men because you share pictures promoting women? It doesn’t really make sense.

Sometimes this seems like yet another way to turn the conversation back to men. We can’t talk about women for a second, we have to remember that men are most important and shouldn’t be left out of anything. Leaving men out of a conversation is not the same as discrimination or hatred. It means that this conversation wasn’t about men. That’s it. Women get left out of conversations all the time and that’s perfectly acceptable and people get offended when someone points out that no female voices were present or even considered.

While some people talk about making sure that a love for women doesn’t turn into man-bashing, those things are completely unrelated. Man-bashing is something out there on its own. Saying something nice about females doesn’t mean that it’s not true about males and shouldn’t be taken as an insult.

But really, are these people worried about the dignity of men? Don’t men have enough power, influence, and abilities on their own? Do they really need everyone’s abject protection and coddling to make sure that no one once even ventures to say something critical about them? What does it say about masculinity that men can openly make rape jokes to women and the second someone says that women deserve equality, a person has to jump in there to make sure that we’re not discounting men?

Granted, people with privilege don’t see privilege. But that’s not an excuse. I’m tired of people getting uppity when someone says something positive about women or equality. Equality for women doesn’t mean that men have less rights. It means that everyone has equal rights. Just like marriage equality. Heterosexual couples won’t be less married if homosexuals can also wed.

It’s time to stop assuming that someone who supports women hates men or is doing it at men’s expense. They’re not and it’s not. When I say that women are people, it doesn’t mean that men are not. It means that women are people, just like men, and that everyone deserves equality.

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