The New Adventures of Ingie: Prologue

noirbars(M is seated at her desk on the Spotted Satellite, typing away. She’s so engrossed in her writing that she doesn’t notice Ingie enter her office or greet her. He wanders over and pets Rosie, who is relaxing in her cat bed beside M’s desk. Ingie walks behind M and reads over her shoulder.)

Ingie: Is that a new MiST you’re working on?
M: (Jumping.) Ingie! Don’t sneak up on me like that!
Ingie: I said hi when I came in.
M: Oh. Well, yeah, this is a new MiST. What are you up to right now?
Ingie: Well, I wanted to talk to you about something.

(M gestures to one of the chairs in front of her desk and Ingie takes a seat.)

M: What’s on your mind?
Ingie: Well, I know you’ve been doing a lot of writing lately and a lot of characters have been getting parts in stories and having lots of fiction written about them.
M: Yes…
Ingie: And I was just thinking about that Adventures of Ingie story that you started about ten years ago.
M: Which one?
Ingie: (^^;;;) Exactly. You started it and it never went anywhere.
M: Oh. Well, these things happen.
Ingie: Yeah, that’s true. But I was thinking, since you’re so inspired these days, how about you give my adventures another try?
M: I supposed I could. Do you have an ideas?
Ingie: Well, I was thinking prose.
M: Prose? But I’ve always written your stories in script format.
Ingie: I know, but this time, I want to try something different. Something new and exciting. Something suitable for an Ingie of my stature.
M: I have an idea.
Ingie: Really? Is it a love story?
M: Well, it can be.
Ingie: I really want to fall in love. I mean, it’s been my dream to have an Ingie of my very own to love and cherish.
M: I’ll see what I can do. But you have to promise me something.
Ingie: Anything!
M: Don’t listen to anyone wearing a hat.
Ingie: What? Why?
M: Don’t ask questions. Just go with it.
Ingie: Whatever you say, M! I’m ready for my new adventures!

(M opens a new page on her Scrivener general fiction project and starts typing. Ingie gives Rosie a few more pettings before heading out to let M work. He pauses outside of her office and smiles to himself. He couldn’t wait for his new adventures.)

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