People are people

gevers_cover_natureI love when people recognize others humanity and show them compassion for being the same flawed, irrational, illogical human being that they are. But sometimes, when trying to find someone’s humanity, we keep talking after we should have finished. This is when we tell people to treat others better, then give a reason.

For example; You should treat people better because you don’t know when you might need their help. You should treat people better because they’re someone’s brother/sister, husband/wife, son/daughter. You should treat people better because they might have been through a personal tragedy.

You should treat everyone well because they’re human beings and they all have dignity and worth as individuals. Not because they might do something for you, not because they might be related to someone, not because they might have been through something that you haven’t. But because they’re human and that’s what all humans deserve.

It’s a sad statement on humanity if we can only stop being dicks to each other for a few seconds because we think we might get something out of it. It should take no great amount of awareness to realize that everyone is a human being and deserves fair treatment because of that. While I’m sure people are trying to help the problem by saying things such as the above, it just really drives home the idea that we need a reason other than a person’s basic humanity to give a shit about them.

Only when we stop being so self-obsessed that we can’t imagine helping another human being without adding this to some kind of score that no one is keeping or showing human kindness all because we think someone might have experienced something that we don’t even know for sure, can we really call ourselves compassionate. So when you start to think of reasons why you should be kind to someone or show them basic human decency, just remember that they’re a person and all people deserve respect. There doesn’t have to be a qualifier or a sidebar.

A person being a person is reason enough to show them compassion and consideration.