Josie Cunningham’s abortion

Aspiring-model-Josie-Cunningham-from-leeds-3434064A British glamour model/escort, Josie Cunningham, 23, had recently made news. She was 18 weeks pregnant and is considering an abortion. Which is something that a lot of young women find themselves considering. However, she was doing it so that she can go on Big Brother, the hit UK television show.

Josie stated in an interview that the producers were interested in having her appear on the show, but went cold when they found out that she was pregnant. She vowed to abort the child so that she would be all ready for her TV appearance on the show that summer and lure Big Brother back to her. Josie also talked about how she wanted to do more glamour modeling and clearly wouldn’t be able to for about a year afterwards, once she got back into shape from having the baby.

The model, who previously ruffled feathers when she demanded that the public healthcare system pay for her breast implants, stated that she’s unsure of exactly who the father is. It’s either a a football (soccer) player or a client that she had when she was escorting. But she said that two potential fathers are both supportive of her. So her decision is not based on a lack of the father’s support.

It’s easy to vilify this woman. Trust me, it’s all too easy. Her decision doesn’t seem to be a difficult one at all. Not one forged out of need and fear, but out of a desire to have a short career getting her breasts out and having her photo taken. Josie is already a mother to two boys has been quoted as saying, “An abortion will further my career. This time next year I won’t have a baby. Instead, I’ll be famous, driving a bright pink Range Rover and buying a big house. Nothing will get in my way.”

She also remarked that part of her decision making process was the feedback that she had received on Twitter. She claimed that trolls influenced her decision to get more plastic surgery and to further her career in an effort to prove them wrong. But if she wanted to prove that she was a great person, she’s already failed.

But Josie clearly isn’t concerned with what people think about her. She gleefully traded nasty tweets with model Nicola McLean over the issue. She doesn’t want to be liked, she just wants to be famous. And if getting an abortion for this fame is one way to do it, she will happily do that, it seems.

However, when it comes to abortion, there is no good or bad reason for wanting one. When the issue is bodily autonomy, stating, “I do not want another body inside my body” is enough to justify an abortion. The pro-life crowd often wants to qualify abortions by only talking about those that a woman gets if her life is in danger or if she was raped or the victim of incest. But when you are talking about an individual’s rights to control their own body, simply not wanting to be pregnant is a good enough reason.

It’s not an easy pill to swallow. Josie seems so utterly unlikable and inhuman to trade what would be her third child for a chance to be on a ridiculous TV show filled with people that ultimately slip back into obscurity a few months after they’re out of the house. But the fact remains that this is her body and it’s her right to decide what she does with it.

When it comes down to it though, if being a mother again means less to her than being on a TV show, she probably shouldn’t have the baby anyway. Not being ready for motherhood is a great reason for not having a child. And if your offspring ranks lower than taking your tits out for a camera, you’re not ready to experience that again.

Sure, most people are disgusted by Josie Cunningham’s decision to abort her baby in order to be on Big Brother, but it’s not anyone’s decision to make but hers and it seems that she’s already made it. However, with petitions to keep her off the show being launched and polls showing that the vast majority of people would boycott the program if she was allowed on it, it seems that this plan for fame has backfired.

Naturally, I was completely unsurprised when Josie announced that she wouldn’t go through with the abortion. Josie stated: “I lost control and I wanted to be famous so badly I lost sight of what matters. I’m disgusted with myself and I’m sorry – not to the haters but to the child I’m going to have. Now I’ve made this decision I am determined to be a good mother just like I am to my other children.”

But I was wrong about the idea of fame backfiring on her. Apparently, she was counting her Twitter followers in delight. “But I kept telling myself I must be doing ­something right because at least everyone knew my name. I had 13,000 Twitter followers overnight – I didn’t care if they hated me. I’ve been hated all my life by bullies at school and then by the public over my boob job. People are going to hate me, so at least I was getting famous in the process.”

It’s sad to see someone want to be famous so bad that they don’t care if they’re reviled or threatened or completely disliked. Like a child acting out for attention, she wanted people to know her name and she doesn’t care if they’re saying it with scorn. It also seems sad that she  must believe that she can’t be likable. She’s already decided that people will abuse her, so she does things that are not going to endear people to her just to get upset about nasty tweets.

Did she really think that announcing she was aborting a baby to go on a TV show was going to rally the country by her side in support? It’s one thing to be a good person and life a good life and still have people making snide comments about you because they’re assholes. But it’s another to do things that are against currently held societal beliefs because they violate standards of humanity and crying about all of the people who are making threats.

When she informed Katie Price that her ex-husband’s new wife is a trade up from her and a good role model I really had to furrow my brow. Does she really think that starting Twitter wars with people that criticize her, planning to abort her own baby because of a brief career based off no talent or abilities and crying to the press about people being mean to her is going to make anyone believe that she is a role model? Glass houses, throwing stones. You know the saying.

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