How much do I actually write?

report_writingFor a while now, I’ve wondered just how much I write. Sometimes I estimate that I’m at this place or another, but I’m never quite sure because I don’t write it down and between my memory and my math skills, something’s bound to get fucked up. So I decided that for one week, 7 days, I would keep track of what I wrote and about how many words I wrote. I had a hunch that it would be somewhere between a shitload and a metric fuck ton. And I was right.

Here is the final list:

Thursday, April 17
Notes: I went to the tea shop.

4000 words – Ever After High: True Hearts Day
1200 words – Bratz: Bothered, Bewitched, Burdined
1200 words – Indoor Adventures of Happy Cat
1000 words – Don’t be different, Part 2

7400 words total

Friday, April 18
Notes: None.

2200 (1400 starting/3600 finished) – Bratz: Bothered, Bewitched, Burdined
3900 (400 starting/4300 ending) – YOLO Girls: Mars and Venus

6100 total

Saturday, April 19
Notes: None.

700 – That which does not kill me
550 (4300 starting/4850 finished) – YOLO Girls: Mars and Venus
3300 (100 starting/3400 finished) – Bratz: Skeletons in the Closet
2000 – Monster High: New Ghoul @ School

6550 total

Sunday, April 20
Notes: Easter Sunday

950 – It’s a baby!
800 – Josie Cunningham’s abortion
1300 (2000 starting/3300 finished) – Monster High: New Ghoul @ School
550 – You can pry the word “bitch” from my cold, dead hands
2500 – YOLO Girls: Pet props

6100 total words

Monday, April 21
Notes: I went to the tea shop.

300 – HoneLife: Symmetry
2450 (2500 starting/4950 finished) – YOLO Girls: Pet props
3350 – Bratz: Camping
2700 (400 starting/3100) ending – Adventures of Ingie: Chapter 1
500 – What do atheists want?
800 – Bianca Del Rio the evil nice girl
300 – Maple sausage breakfast pizza

10400 total

Tuesday, April 22
Notes: I was at work from 7:30am to 5pm and then went to a movie that night.

1500 – Happy Cat: The Meeting
1650 – Adventures of Ingie: Chapter 1 (second edition)

3150 total

Wednesday, April 23
Notes: I was at the tea shop.

500 – The problem with open mics
1700 (4000 starting/5700 ending) – Fragile
800 – Thoughts on concealed carry
5000 – YOLO Girls: Black Friday
800 – Growing Old
3550 – Bratz TV: Survivor

12350 total

52,050 total for the week

So yeah. I write a lot. I wasn’t expecting my total to be this high, but yeah. I can see it.

There are some obvious patterns here. I write more when I go to the tea shop. Probably because of less distractions. Mostly, no Facebook. I also don’t have time to write when I work all day. This is all ground breaking stuff, I know.

But for someone as disorganized and easily bored as I am, I seem to be getting things done. Even though I skip around a lot. Even though I don’t work at consistent hours for consistent times in a consistent way.  For all of my problems when it comes to writing, I can still get words down.

Now the big problem is editing. I just want to keep writing and editing seems to be taking away time that could be spent putting new words onto paper. I also sometimes just get tired of going over the same material again and again and again. I try to edit at least four times before something goes up on the site and by the second read, I’m over it. But writing is a harsh mistress. And I am her slave.

But not in a sexy way.

You’re a perv.

Side note: I wrote this blog the night of my last day, but I didn’t include the total with my grand total. So I wrote a bit more than my actual total. But it seemed very Inception to include what I wrote about writing when I wrote it.

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