Special unique snowflakes

special-snowflakeOne point of contention that a lot of people seem to have with the vast majority of other people are their ideas that they are somehow special, different, unique and interesting when in reality they’ve done nothing to distinguish themselves from the average person who is also nothing of note. The self-esteem movement that went on seems to have swung in the opposite direction and instead of producing happy, self-assured children, it produced complacent dullards that think the sun rises when they do. Everyone has their own abilities and talents, but you have to cultivate them in order to really stand out.

Some people are just lucky. Some children are born with extrodinary gifts and talents. But for the rest of us, we have to get off our asses and work to get good at something. So if you’re not 20 with a PhD, just resign yourself to the fact that you weren’t born with an astronomically high IQ and being different isn’t going to come to you that way.

With a normal person, sometimes the most we get is a little bit of raw talent at something. We have to recognize what we’re good at, what we love, and what works well with our lives. Once we realize what our talent is, we can start to practice and hone our techniques until we have truly mastered something.

But no one should think that going through life, playing a video game here and bowling a few games there makes them in anyway different or wonderful. Starting off with raw talent or basic intelligence is a great thing, but that’s just the starting point. You actually have to do something with those gifts.

In college I knew a girl who was bright. She has a spark of natural intelligence. But she did nothing with it. She knew that she was a little smarter than the average person and was perfectly content to stay that way. She had no intellectual curiosity, no desire to better herself, she never even dedicated herself to a passion or talent the entire time I knew her. The young woman might have had a starting point to become something more than what she currently was. But in the end she was happy to walk around, thinking herself a special snowflake to all of the plebs that went to school with her.

We all want to be special. It’s a natural human inclination to feed our own egos. But we’re not born special. We’re born human. We have to make ourselves special. The way we do that can take any form that we choose. But no one is a unique snowflake because they breathed oxygen. It just doesn’t work like that.