Leave it behind and run for your life

keepcalmzombies-300x300There are a lot of things I’ve started to consider since I’ve begun watching Walking Dead. I’ve come to the conclusion that life in the Zombie Apocalypse will really suck. But there are little things that I’ve noticed to that hammer home just how much it’s going to suck.

I’m a very materialistic person. Things comfort me. I like having a lot of things because then I have a lot of options. Even in a craft like scrapbooking, there was never a limit to how many different things I thought I could use on my books. Sometimes, it felt like acquiring more stuff was as much fun as the actual crafting. But being materialistic and the end of the world via zombies don’t really mix.

So many times on Walking Dead, the survivors have had to completely abandon their living arrangements and go with the clothes on their backs, their weapons and not much else. When the farm was being overrun by that massive herd, no one had time to collect the physical items that were important to them and load them carefully in the cars. When they lost the prison, no one suggested waiting a second to go get their dishes or bedding. As the group splintered, they had less and less. Because survival came at the cost of only having with you what you could carry.

As I have started consolidating my life, I realize just how many things I have managed to attain in the last few years. Granted, I’m not as impressive as anyone on hoarders and there are no dead animals in my scrapbooking stash. But when faced with the the idea of having to leave some of it behind so I could just get out, I was horrified. Those were my things! I owned them! I should have them with me!

But sometimes real life doesn’t work out like that. Sometimes the stuff becomes an anchor holding you back from what is really important. And sometimes you have to leave things behind and just run for your life. It’s easy to look back on the things you’ve left and imagine all of the ways you could have used them in your present life and all of the opportunities you’d miss out on without them. But when you come right down to it. Most things we accumulate in life aren’t necessities and we can live very easily without them.

Letting go can be a hard thing to do. But if something is holding you back and weighing you down, it’s time to drop it and run for somewhere else. Most things can be replaced or substituted. Other things you just never needed to begin with. Everyone becomes invested in their belongings and surroundings. No matter how minimalist someone claims to be, all of us would be upset if our house burned down and we lost all of our things. Letting go isn’t easy. But when you’re holding onto a sinking ship, the only move that makes sense is swimming to safety.