A writer that doesn’t procrastinate?!

X2GFS_H1T1So yeah, there are a lot of memes going around about writers and their intense love of procrastination. Those writers, am I right? They’re always talking about shit and then never writing it. They just take their laptops into Starbucks and tell everyone about the next awesome American novel they’re writing while never actually producing anything. And they’re all like that. Right? Right?!

If you are even vaguely acquainted with this blog, you will know that it auto-posts every day at noon. Having a content up every single day is a pretty tall order for one blogger. But if you’re even vaguely acquainted with me, you might know that I’m usually 100 or so blogs ahead on my writing. That I write consistently for two other sites and a third rather inconsistently. That I write novels and other things that I don’t even post on my blog, as well. So yeah, this whole writers love to procrastinate thing just doesn’t pan out when it comes to me.

Some people have called my writing disciplined and dedicated. Some people have called it crazy. I like to think of it as somewhere in the middle. But in the end, I write. I write everything. Much of the world I experience is written down in some way. If anyone really wants to know what I think or feel, they just need to read my blog. I’m a simple kind of girl like that.

Anyway, when it comes time to talk about writers and procrastinators, I think it’s important to realize that one and the other don’t have to go hand in hand. I recently liked some writing Facebook pages and find that a constant source of comedy is the idea that all writers are completely procrastinators. People post memes about never actually getting anything done and expect everyone to sympathize with them. Maybe I’m just a freak, but I can’t. I can’t, at all.

So here’s to the writers that actually write. Here’s to the people that put up work with typos in it because they’re too busy writing to edit like a mofo. Here’s to the people that write even though they don’t like what they’re writing at the time because they know they can go back and change it later. Here’s to the people that save all of their writing because they know that they can make it work for another day.

I salute you.