Nationalism is bullshit

quote-the-difference-between-patriotism-and-nationalism-is-that-the-patriot-is-proud-of-his-country-for-sydney-j-harris-235141Nationalism is bullshit.

There. I said it. After my Made in America rant, I thought I needed to delve in deeper when it comes to the topic of nationalism. I am really beginning to loathe it. The impact I see it having is far more negative than positive and it breeds all kinds of hatred and misunderstanding between peoples.

The very fact that someone is American is usually an accident of birth. And trust me, those that choose to become Americans are highly looked down upon by those born here. Even though the birth Americans would probably struggle to pass the citizenship test themselves. As if being born on this soil, something you had no control over, makes you more legitimate than someone who chose to be here and studied to become a citizen.

But when I see people being nationalistic, I see people hating others that they don’t even know, judging cultures and people that they don’t understand, and using it as an excuse for racism. The ironic thing is that America is a land of immigrants. White people are not native to this land, yet it seems to be white people that have the most pride in the country they think belongs to them. Someone speaking another language in your country is not an insult to America. The language that Americans speak isn’t uniquely ours to begin with.

I think the main part of the problem is limited thinking. People want to limit the acceptable world to their neighborhood, when they should be thinking about the globe. We are all human and we are all citizens of this world. We shouldn’t be drawing arbitrary lines in the sand in order to separate people from each other. We all have things we can teach each other and we all have a lot we can learn. There’s no point in not accepting that fact and harboring on as if America is the only national on earth doing anything right.

I once saw an IMAX program on the International Space Station. It showed the earth with no lines dividing country from country. It was one big, united earth with everyone on the same side. This struck me as profound. The lines that divide people are solely in our minds. Togetherness is the way of nature. Nationalism is completely human.