Men of OKC: The Shotgun Approach


On OkCupid you can rate users profiles out of five stars. One being the lowest and five being the highest. When someone rates you four or five stars you are either alerted, if you’re an A-List member, or simply told that someone likes you. If you rate someone who has liked you four or five stars, it alerts both of you, presumably so you can start a conversation. I get people liking my profile that clearly haven’t looked at it.

I get conservative Republicans, people that haven’t filled out their profile at all, and usually, Christians. Lots of them. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I asked why in the world someone who professes to believe in a god would want to be with someone like me who not only doesn’t but isn’t silent about it. So I asked. And above is exactly the response that I got.

I’ve long heard of the so-called Shotgun Approach, but until now I’ve been thinking that it was a myth. Why? Because I like to think that all humans aren’t total assholes, despite all evidence to the contrary. But I might need to rethink my all humans aren’t such assholes because this guy, along with so many others, just seems to be just clicking like on my profile in hopes that something will happen. I’m not going to say that every guy out there is looking for sex, because that seems so cliche and there’s Tinder for that. But still.

The phrase knowledge is power has been around for so long because it’s so true. When internet dating, it makes no sense to use this shotgun approach. Say you send messages to every woman the shows up in your feed. What if the one that messages you back is exactly not what you want. Like a raging atheist when you’re a devout Christian? How did the shotgun approach work there? It actually makes you put in more effort than reading someone’s profile to begin with and realizing that they’re not for you.

Shifting through profiles is not a fun thing to do, but seriously, it takes a few seconds to skim a profile and look over the person’s stats before you click the star rating. Just take the time and maybe you might end up with someone that you actually like and not someone that simply is the correct gender for you.

Well, back at it.

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