Dating with large breasts

frabz-Oh-so-your-boobs-are-too-big-Tell-me-more-about-all-of-your-terr-44048dIt would be an outright lie to say that most men don’t appreciate large breasts. Even before my boobs broke physics I always got complimented on my size D breasts. But now I’m a 38G, and even though I don’t look quite that big, my breasts tend to attract quite a lot of men. Bonus for me, I also have huge hips and an ass, so I get hit on my both men interested in ass and men interested in tits. Dating is complicated.

But as much as it seems to be a bonus to appeal to so many men on a primal level, my appeal sometimes attracts the creepers. Like, a lot of them. This morning I was messaging back and forth with someone that wanted me to send him nude photos. He didn’t want to meet me or date me or even have sex with me. He wanted me to send him pictures so that he could jerk off to them. My body was an object for him to use for his sexual desires and my large breasts indicated to him that I should be more than willing to accommodate him.

There’s no secret that girls with large breasts are seen as more sexually inclined. Maybe it’s from porn, but men see a girl with large breasts and unfortunately, a fair share of them think that they’re entitled to see them, touch them or generally do whatever they want with them. Some get quite upset when you remind them that your breasts are yours and they have no right to have any kind of relationship with them.

But it’s highly annoying when men see large breasts and see only sex. They don’t realize just how many physical side effects there are to having disproportionately large breasts. They don’t think about the bra-strap shoulder groove or persistent back, neck and shoulder pain. They don’t think about how uncomfortable it is to stay in one position for an extended period of time or what it’s like to wake up completely sore and aching from just working a regular shift at work.

It’s no mystery that men equate breasts with sex and only sex. But breasts are more than that. And sometimes, it’s not all positives.