Random Thoughts Writing Checks

PP Preprinted Checks FanI have no patience for old people that write checks in stores. I say old people because I have yet to see anyone under 50 do this. The other day at work, I got a check. It had been several months since I had gotten one and in my entire time at Tarpley’s, it was my second check. I asked Kilian how  you correctly processed one. He said he wasn’t sure. He hadn’t gotten one in years. Thankfully, Sandy was there and she walked me through it.

I was recently at Costco just getting a few items when the woman in front of me stopped to write a check. I was completely checked out with my Costco AMEX and on my way when she was still writing out her check like it’s the fucking stone age. Just don’t do it, people. Stop writing checks in stores. Get a credit/debit card and let it go.

I’ve spent so much time looking for someone that will change my life. The good news is that I found them. It’s me.

It kind of bothers me that doctors have been willing to prescribe me drugs that I’ve overdosed on in the past. I know not everyone can know my exact medical history, but it really is just handing me the option of suicide again.

It was scary to start revealing so much about myself to people. But doing so has made me feel empowered. My story is my own and I’m telling it on my terms. I don’t care what anyone else thinks of it. My life is filled with raw emotion and discoveries and experiences and beauty. My vulnerability is my strength.

I’ve been trying to hard to use gender-neutral language on my blog that I sometimes talk about the people I’m dating and make myself sound bisexual. Update: Never mind.

There needs to be a sarcasm font on the internet. Sometimes I just come across sincere when I’m not trying to be.

I heard somewhere that you hear bagpipes before you die. One night at work I started hearing the eerie sound of bagpipes off in the distance. I started immediately wishing that I would have written out a will. However, the bagpipes kept getting louder and louder and then I realized that actual bagpipers were walking down the street, leading a group to dinner. So I didn’t die that night. But I recognized the signs.

I tend to like American songs better when I hear them sung by UK girl bands. I knew the song What Hurts the Most when I heard it from former S Club singer Jo O’Meara and pop group Bellefire. Then I heard Need You Now performed by Wonderland and I loved it! I’ve heard the original many times and always though, eh. But Wonderland’s version was amazing!

My emotions have inertia. I’m not one of those people that can go from upset to perfectly chill and happy within the space of a few minutes. If I’m pissed off, I’m going to stay pissed off until a certain period of time has passed in which I can calm down.

It never fails to amaze me how many guys are ready to have sex with me before we even meet. After a few messages, they’re ready to go. Nevermind the fact that they have never even been in my vicinity. Nevermind that they don’t even know me. I know I don’t rule out that someone I meet online is not going to be who they say they are, not going to click with me, not going to make me feel comfortable. But men seem to have really different ideas on things.

Why are guys so against underwear? Seriously.