Gentleman: Mandatory Monogamy

The-Saturdays-Gentlemen-by-Trudy-Bellinger2I wouldn’t marry him, no, not if I were you
Cause if he’s been cheating on me, then he’ll probably cheat on you
Hop in, your chance is slim, especially when, he’s lying next to them

I’ll let you taste my rainbow
You could at least be faithful

Back when I thought monogamy was the only thing that existed in relationships (you know, a few months ago), I was always horrified by the thought of being with someone else when you’re committed to a different person. But now that my mind has been open to other kinds of relationships, I realize just how pointless it is to try to shove everyone into the same box of one-partner-only when some people are simply not built to be monogamous or desire to be.

I remember watching a dating show on TV where a man confessed that he had never managed to be faithful to a single girlfriend in his entire life. At the time, I just thought it was sad. But now I realize that he should have just stopped getting into relationships with the expectation of faithfulness. There’s nothing wrong with being a part of a relationship that doesn’t have traditional trappings. If someone can’t maintain a commitment to monogamy, then stop making yourself and your dating partners miserable and just don’t make that commitment in the first place.

This problem is multi-faceted, though. First of all, society needs to be more accepting of non-traditional relationships and realize that not everyone dreams of marrying the opposite-gender person, getting a house with a white picket fence and popping out kids. It’s fine if that’s what you want, but that’s not the only option out there for people. I’m not saying that Disney needs to come out with a fairy tale were the prince and princess go swinging, but it would be nice if there were some alternative relationships shown through the media and normalized.

It’s estimated that about 10% of the population engage in some kind of sexual alternative lifestyle. So why are 99% of relationships show through TV, movies and the like all monogamous? At this point, no one needs monogamy hammered home anymore. People need to realize that they don’t have to set their relationships up for failure by forcing themselves to be faithful when they neither want to nor can be.

Everyone deserves to find their own happiness in their personal relationships. And sometimes that means finding it outside of the box. No one should be forced into a relationship binary that won’t work and will just make everyone involved miserable.

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