Men of OKC: Gross out

Let’s be honest here. Sometimes internet dating is exhausting. Sometimes life is exhausting. Sometimes when you’re trying to internet date when you’re living your life, the exhaustion gets to you and you just start fucking with people. This is what happened when I lost my patience and started fucking with someone.


He started off with a limited profile and what he did fill out, I didn’t exactly like. I hate it when people send me messages that give me nothing to work with then have nothing on their profile for me to work with. How am I supposed to start a conversation cold like that? It’s pretty fucking hard. But he told me to ask him anything I wanted to know. So I decided to ask him a question that I had been thinking a lot about and see what he said.


Not a bad response, all things considered. Maybe there was hope for this guy yet. But as soon as he says something intelligent, we’re back to talking about sex.


I tried to keep the conversation going about something than my hottt body and how it looked in my bathing suit. But alas… It was not to be.


I might not be the best at accepting compliments and I don’t pile on insane amounts of flattery in response to messages like this, so yeah. I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed and I made that completely clear. One would think that my discomfort with the way this conversation was going would signal to him that he needs to change the topic or change the way he was messaging me. But no.


Again, I’m clearly not comfortable here and not enjoying the conversation. Someone who gives a shit about me as a person and not as a sex object that he wants to play with, would fucking notice this.


But by now it’s pretty clear what he thinks of me as and at this point, I was over it. He wanted sex, I was determined to make it clear that he wasn’t getting it from me.


I started out slowly. Some men are disgusted by unshaven legs. I was going to see just what it would take to get him to stop talking to me. Of course, I was ready to escalate quickly.


Oh, I know what he means. And it should be pretty fucking clear by now that I’m not interested. So I turned up the charm. I turned it way up.


And there we go. He’ll stop talking to me for sure, right? Wrong.

screenshot-by-nimbus (4)

Really? He sees that after I’ve made it clear that he’s not sending me the kind of messages that I know or want to respond to and I’m just being funny? Wrong again, homey.

screenshot-by-nimbus (5)

He stops thinking about sex for a split second to be slightly concerned with my healthy…

screenshot-by-nimbus (6)

But it doesn’t take him long to get back on topic. It’s been entirely clear to me that he just wants sex this entire time. Even though it’s completely beyond him that between my profile and my responses to him that I’m not interested in hooking up or interested in him. So I decide to bust out the big guns.

screenshot-by-nimbus (7)

This actually did surprise me. When I usually disclose my STD status to people, it’s after I’ve gotten to know them better and met them in person. I also introduce it by telling them that I’m on suppression meds and the transfer rate with condoms is around 1%. So the risk they’re taking is put into perspective. I’ve found that people looking for casual sex are less inclined to want to sleep with someone that knows they have an STD. Mostly because these people are literally just fucktoys in their mind and they don’t want to take a risk with a fucktoy when there are other toys out there that don’t have this problem.

But seriously, nothing was deterring this man. I eventually just stopped responding. After the fourth message asking me how I was with no response I just blocked him. So, I could not gross out a man who was determined to have sex with me. Not talking about medical conditions or bikini lines or even herpes was enough to deter him from my pussy. Come on, guys. Take a hint before someone hits the block button.

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