Men of OKC: Star Goes Colonial

Who ever thought that these two topics would collide? Trust me, I’m as surprised as you are. I decided to put some photos of myself in my work costume on my OKC profile. It’s part of my life, as that’s where I seem to be spending most of my time, these days. It’s something different. Not many people wear colonial clothes to work. It really hammers home that I live in Williamsburg, Virginia. Also, I just thought that it was a conversation starter. So I was prepared for people to mention my 18th century clothes. I wasn’t prepared for how many men found it sexually attractive.

I still don’t quite understand it. Colonial clothes are not sexy. I wear 3 layers, top and bottom, including stays. It’s more modest and figure-disguising than my regular jeans and t-shirts. Also, it’s fucking uncomfortable to be in costume. I don’t tie my apron onto my clothes while thinking about how wet I am. I don’t think of my costume as anything sexual, for very good reason. So, beyond the whole role playing aspect, I still don’t understand why so many men do. But they do. Oh, they do.


It was not far into the conversation with this man when I got this message. We had not discussed anything about sex up until that point. Then suddenly he wants to fuck me in my work uniform. Way to break the ice, dude!



I already knew where this was going before he even typed anything. And I was totally right.


Against my better judgement, I decided to keep in contact with this guy. He was cute and who doesn’t have fantasies? His profile was interesting enough that I gave him  my cell number and he started texting me. When I agreed to meet him for a date, the following exchange took place:

okchoteleditI hate it when a guy gets shot down and tries to pretend that it was all an innocent joke. This was no joke. He was completely serious about meeting me in a hotel room for our first date. He thought I was unthinking enough to meet him there and doubly unthinking enough to come and be his sex doll for the entire night. Needless to say, a first date never happened. Needless to say, I have not heard from him since I turned down his offer of meeting at a hotel.



This Man of OKC was enough of a gentleman to allow me to change out of my uncomfortable costume before fooling around. How lucky am I? But that didn’t change just how alluring he found my costumes.

I had no idea that colonial costumes are so sexually attractive to men. No idea. Apparently I need to start a colonial porn company, because there is a desire and I can make bank with this idea.

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