Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventures in Insanity: Sasha’s Story

bratzkidz03-thekidzThis is a multi-part review of the Bratz Kidz movie Sleep-over Adventures. To read all sections in this review, click here.

We left off with the girls getting out their radioactive flashlights and refusing to go to sleep. Ginger is uncomfortable with this whole disobeying her parents thing. Cloe assures her that her mother said, “try and get some sleep. Parents don’t really expect kids to sleep at a sleepover.” Yasmin concurs. Meygan offers, “Ginger, you’re with girlfriends that know how to have fun.” She tells Sasha to go ahead with her scary story.

Completely ignoring their hostess’s discomfort, Sasha puts the flashlight under her chin in classic ghost story fashion and asks the girls, “Have you ever been in a room of mirrors?” She starts talking about how a carnival has a room of funhouse mirrors that distort your form.

The scene changes to the setting for three out of the five stories; the World’s Shittiest Carnival. Seriously. It’s small, crowded, and there is so much trash on the ground that there is no way to even avoid all of it. The camera pans around the tiny place to show a lot of the rides and things that will come into play in this story as well as the two others that have this same setting.

While it might seem that a carnival is just a great place to set all of these scary stories, this is really nothing but more animator’s laziness. They didn’t want to have to create five different sets for this film. They didn’t even create a new set for Ginger’s house. So they just kept using the carnival backdrop and hoped that kids would be so entertained with their new dolls that they won’t notice how crappy this entire film is.

Anyway, the camera stops on one building. Inside, Sasha is looking at herself in a funhouse mirror. Her image is distorted, but not in a way that a real funhouse mirror would displayed it. Real distortions must have been too much for the animators to handle. Anyway, Sasha is with Meygan and Yasmin in the funhouse. They all look at each other’s reflections and talk critically about them. Sasha watches her mirror image and exclaims, “Girlfriend, that is really twisted!” Which she says because she’s black.

Sasha then moves both Meygan and Yasmin aside so that she can look at herself in the mirror better. Meygan rolls her eyes. “Oh, here we go. Sasha’s stuck in her own self again.” Which is not just a strangely-worded sentence. It’s also terrible writing. Sasha responds, “It’s not me. It’s the girl in the mirror. She’s the one that can’t take her eyes off me.” Apparently, no one ever told Sasha how mirrors work.

Of course, Sasha is later known to be rather vain and self-serving as a teenager. But that’s a trait that all of the other Bratz share and seems to be a byproduct of their obsession with their physical bodies and what they put on their physical bodies. But back to the story. Yasmin starts to get dizzy from the mirrors. Meygan pulls her away, saying that they should do something else before she gets sick. Which, if mirrors make her want to puke, I can’t imagine how much fun she would be on any other ride.

Anyway, Sasha wanders off on her own and goes behind a red curtain that has a large full-length mirror behind it. She plays around in from of it and looks up to see that the mirror is called The Doppleganger. Which is a great vocab word. However, with an audience this young, it might be a good idea to explain to the children watching exactly what the word means and how it relates to this story. Just throw in a little Lemony Snicket explanation. It’s okay.

Sasha starts to play in front of the mirror. She performs certain motions and the image follows her. Which might make you wonder just how often she’s been around mirrors that this fascinates her. Anyway, she turns to leave when her image blows a raspberry at her. Sasha gasps and turns back to the mirror. She starts to mess around in front of the mirror again. It follows her, but not perfectly. She gasps again and continues to test out of the mirror. She leans in to get a better view and the Mirror Sasha grabs her. She shoves the girl aside and runs out of the room. The real Sasha follows.char_67373_thumb

Outside, among the trash of the carnival, Mirror Sasha is hanging out eating an ice cream cone from a vendor. She sneers at Sasha. There is then a strange standoff between the girls. Each girl’s face is shown in close up. It then becomes very clear that both of the young girls are wearing eye makeup and lipstick. They continue to stare each other own until Mirror Sasha yells, “BOO!” and scares the bejeezus out of the real one.

She runs off and comes across Yasmin and Meygan again. They complain that Sasha ditched them, but before she can explain, or give more sassy talk, Sasha sees Mirror Sasha behind them. She screams and runs off. Sasha ducks behind a food stand. She turns to see Mirror Sasha holding deformed looking pieces of cotton candy. The evil doppleganger announces, “Here’s looking at you, kid!” As if anyone that is honestly watching a Bratz movie would even understand that reference.

Sasha backs up in horror and runs into the ride, the Rip Tide. Which, pay attention, will be used in another story as well. Sasha relaxes, glad to be rid of her mirror double. The boat goes on its track as part of the ride. But then Sasha hears laughter and she looks back to see that Mirror Sasha is chilling in the backseat of the boat that she’s in. The ride goes over the drop and ends. Sasha gets off and runs back out into the carnival.

The Bratz girl runs back into the tent with the funhouse mirrors. She goes back to the full-length Doppleganger mirror and sees that Mirror Sasha is her reflection again. She turns and sees that she is surrounded by about a dozen other mirrors. The camera spins as Mirror Sasha laughs. Suddenly, Sasha’s back is to a mirror and Mirror Sasha grabs her and pulls her into the reflection, then removes herself from it. Now Real Sasha has become Mirror Sasha. Sasha bangs on the mirror to no avail.

Mirror Sasha laughs. “You enjoyed looking at yourself so much… Look around! You’re surrounded by yourself!” She cackles. I wonder if this is an attempt from the Bratz team to weave a moral into this not-at-all-scary story. As if Sasha could have avoided her fate if she was less vain. But really, the Bratz teaching a lesson about how vanity is bad is as effective as them teaching that hair products are bad. It’s completely hypocritical and has no support from anything else shown in the entire series.

The story finishes with Mirror Sasha gloating, “I was your reflection. And now, I’m you.” The girl blows a kiss to the trapped Brat and walks away. Sasha bangs on the mirror some more as the camera fades out. Back at the sleepover, Sasha excitedly tells the girls, “It’s all true!” Which would then mean that the Sasha telling them the story is Mirror Sasha and not the real one, as the real one was trapped. Unless there is a part two to this story where Real Sasha escapes and shanks Mirror Sasha.

The first story in the movie sets the tone for the utter shit that’s about to come. And it’s just more crap. Cloe is up next. Tune in next time for Cloe’s “scary” story.

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