Prompt 8: Hidden Talent

dartsPrompt 8. You’ve discovered a hidden talent that seems useless to you.

I’m really good at darts. The first time I played I scored over 400 points. I’ve only played twice after that but I won each time by a wide margin. It occurs to me that I’m also good at marksmanship and both of these sports involve targets. Neither of which I was taught in gym class. Which just seems cruel to leave out the one element that I apparently needed in order to get a decent grade. Fuck floor hockey and volleyball.

I was also very surprised when I first went shooting and found myself grouping shots nicely and getting close to the bullseye each time. The second time I went shooting, the first time I went shooting with a rifle, I was able to get a bullseye. It’s not an understatement to say that athletic things don’t come easily and being naturally good at something that takes place in the outdoors is completely foreign to me.

But there you have it. I can play darts and shoot guns with competency far beyond my limited experience with them. Neither skill seems hardly useful. I mean, not that knowing how to play anything in gym class would have been. Gym class is well over and no one at the time would have given a damn what I could do with a ball. But beyond the Zombie Apocalypse, I don’t need to know how to shoot in my everyday life. The opportunity to play darts only presents itself rarely and usually at a bar where people are playing after consuming alcohol, so it’s not like that’s a place of serious sportsmanship.

There are a lot of other things that I would rather discover was a hidden talent. Even being good at pool would be better, in my opinion. I have about the same opportunity to play that as I do darts, but it seems tougher. Like I end up at a biker bar and I have to win the help of a difficult group of burly men by beating them at pool or something. Which would never happen either, but I’m just saying. It sounds better in my head.