Prompt 10: Immortality

could spend an eternal life looking for a cure for cancer dr heckle funny twilight memesPrompt 10. You are given the opportunity for immortality. Do you take it or do you decline?

One thing that annoyed me about the Twilight series was that these vampires were immortal and they spend their days going to high school. Carlise is a doctor, but instead of curing goddamn cancer, he’s patching up boo-boos in Forks, Washington. When I read about the vampires don’t sleep and don’t age and can only die under very specific circumstances, I was jealous. Think of how much time you’d have to read if you would never die!

Think of all the knowledge that you could accumulate and all of the good you could do for the world if you had experiences that spanned centuries and the ability to record it and use it to teach the world. But no, the fucking Cullen family goes to high school and dates teenagers. So in other words; I would want to be immortal. I would want to write about all of the decades and learn more than I ever could before and record it all to benefit the world in whatever way it could help.

Naturally, immortality is probably a bitch after you’re a few hundred years old. But there is simply so much in the world already and more things being created every day, I don’t think I would get bored. I have so many interests, I would be able to take a decade for each and never run out of material. I could write into the night and straight through until morning and get all of stories out of my head and onto paper. I could learn every tiny minutia of grammar and write so flawlessly that editors are confounded.

I would love to also not worry about time passing. No matter how young you are, women especially have the knowledge that they have an expiration date and it’s a-coming. At 19 I first became concerned about my aging. If aging stopped, there would be no need to worry about how aging will affect you and change you and rob you of your senses and abilities. It would be nice to live without the knowledge that your days are limited and one day, your number will be up.

I think with an unlimited amount of time, I could explore every possibility in the world. I could live in the desert with my corgi and see if I like that. I could move all around the world and see where I belong. I could meet scores of people and have them influence my life and teach me about the world. I could own pets and provide them with good homes and companionships for their short lives. I could live in a tiny house in someone’s backyard and see if I like that. I could find out how to make money with my abilities donate it to good causes and help people in need.

Immortality would be an opportunity to do great things with what was once a limited human life. Imagine being able to live every life you’ve ever wanted instead of the one you have to live. Imagine trying out everything you’ve ever wanted without the pressure of it having to work because you can always try again and a twenty years of trying something is nothing compared to your lifespan.

And yeah, the vampires in Twilight are assholes. Cure cancer, you lazy dolts!