Prompt 19: Karma Chameleon

commachameleonPrompt 19. This just in: let’s pretend that science has proven that karma is a thing. Your words and actions will influence what happens to you in the future. How (if at all) will you change your ways?

Let’s just say that if karma is real, I would expect some awesome things to start happening to me. My life’s motto has always been, do no harm. I have also had it drilled into me that I’m supposed to be nice and accommodating even to my own detriment and when it comes to relationships, boy, do I have that down well.

If anything, I’m too nice, too generous, and too caring. If I were to be rewarded for all of the good I have done for people, I’d like to think that I would have my dream job start the day after I get married to David Tennet. Seriously. Me being too nice is a thing. And it has become a bit of a problem.

Not to say that this would change how I do things. Even though I realize that I tend to get used, walked on, or otherwise abused in relationships, I’m still the same person. After all of the bullshit I’ve been through with all of my exes, former friends, everything like that, I’m still giving and generous and desperate to help out in any way I can. I think that’s just part of my personality. I don’t think I can really stop being that person or if I would even want to try. As far as faults go, I’ll take being too nice over a lot of other options.

This being said, I have been better on learning to stand up for myself, recognizing signs of abuse when they first appear, and cutting people who are just there to harm me out of my life before they can do much real damage. While I haven’t stopped being an overly nice person, I’m trying to stop myself from being an outright victim. I chose not to include people in my life that will abuse the fact that I am so nice and accommodating because I can’t seem to stop being so nice and accommodating. And it’s been working so far.

But yes, so if karma is real, I will await my rewards for the past good acts that I have done for exes and former friends that were definitely never repaid. I wouldn’t change myself. I would live it up as someone who spends a lot of their time and energy on other people and very rarely gets rewarded for it.