I Heal Like Wolverine… Because of Writing


[Image: A picture of X-Men’s Wolverine. His claws are out and he looks like he is moving towards the reader.]

I recently came across this article on writing. It has enlightened me to some of the hidden superpowers that I have had all these years but never utilized. I imagine that this will be my last blog, since after this, I’m sure the government will be very interested in studying me.

Here’s what the article said and how I have been impacted by it in my own life:

  • Writing 15-20 minutes over 4 months was enough to demonstrate that people can overcome stress, trauma and emotional events. Benefits include lower blood pressure, fewer hospital visits, and better liver functionality.

How this affects me:

I write more than I think I should ever keep track of. It’s an every day, most of the day, type of thing. Yes, I go to work, I go out with friends, I eat, I poop, etc. But most of my day is spent writing. It happens that all of the benefits that these subjects had were many times multiplied when it came to how I did.

I have never actually been hospitalized in a real hospital, ever. Even my gastric sleeve surgery was considered outpatient. I’ve been in psych wards three times, but still. Even if we count that, that’s about 10 days of hospitalization throughout my entire 29 years on this earth. That’s not bad.

My blood pressure is always perfect. Even I’m mega stressed, it’s never out of normal range. And my liver? Fuck, I put that thing through the ringer. Sometimes I drink while writing and the writing just drains that toxicity right from my body. I’ve never had a hangover. The most I can say is that the two times I have been blackout drunk, I felt a little groggy the day after. Thanks, liver!

  • Writing helps heal wounds faster. The study was done on writing patients and then a non-writing control group. Their findings were, “Eleven days later, 76% of the group that wrote had fully healed. 58% percent of the control group had not recovered.”

How this affects me:

The truth is that I heal like Wolverine. I might notice a bruise, a scrape, or a limb missing. But then in an hour or two, i.e. about the time it takes to get through 1/4 of a Bratz movie review, everything is just normal again. It’s fantastic. One of the many reasons why I go to the doctor so rarely.

And finally:

  • “Even those who suffer from specific diseases can improve their health through writing.”
    It writes that everyone from AIDS patients to cancer patients have better healthy and improved outlooks, just from writing!

How this affects me:

I’m a high-functioning bipolar mess who has managed to get a degree, survive a shitty world, and still write so much that I currently have a 123-blog backlog. Seriously. Today is March 10th and I’m writing this blog for July 10th. If that doesn’t show you the power of writing, I don’t know what will.

What you should do:


Everyone should write. Writing is so great. It’s putting your voice out there, it’s sharpening your verbal skills, it’s making a statement, it’s sharing information; it’s fucking amazing and we should all do it. So go write something. Not just because there are a shitload of benefits, but because it’s what we all need to do to leave a record of our human experience on this planet.