Launching Into Love and Out Again

Today is my book launch for Into Love and Out Again, my multi-genre memoir. One hour from when this blog posts I will be in Discover Teas Port Warwick, talking to people who came to the launch, reading selections from the book itself, and trying to keep myself together. I hope I’m successful on all accounts.

This is my first digital book (I previously self-published a book of poetry at 19, DON’TREADIT). It’s also my first audiobook, something which I completed in a matter of days. Both writing the book and recording the audiobook were as much of an adventure as living the experience that inspired them. And that’s what life is all about; experiences. Some will be good, some will be bad, some will be a mixture of both. But whatever they are, they are your experiences and you need to own them and record them through your own eyes.

Now granted, I look back over some of my writing and realize just how much my hypomania skewed my view. I read things myself stating things that weren’t really true, weren’t true from a certain point of view, somethings that were problematic, and somethings that were just unfair to myself. But that’s where I was at the time. That’s what I thought at the time. That was me then. And it all factored into who I am now.

So join me in raising a glass (of tea) to the completion of my first digital book and audiobook, then ending of this episode of my life, and the final goodbye to the person I was when I loved beyond reason.


[Image: The cover of Into Love and Out Again. Dark brick background with the words “Into Love and Out Again” across it in a grunge font. There is an anatomical heart in the “O” in “love”.]

Into Love and Out Again – Released June 30, 2015

Falling into unrequited love, Star LaBranche sorts through her feelings in poetry, short story, and prose. With every raw emotion she pens the excitement of being in love, the agony of not having her devotion returned, and the painful process of personal growth that comes from accepting the situation. Written over the span of six months, this book is an exact timeline of discovery, devastation, and development. Billions of people worldwide have experienced unrequited love. This is one story, told through several genres.

Read excerpts, Loss I and Loss II. The Art of Giving Up.

Listen to an audio sample, The Photo.

Watch the promotional Video, Q&A with Star LaBranche

Enjoy the bonus, Outtakes from the Audiobook.

Purchase on Amazon Kindle.

Purchase the book on Barnes & Noble Nook.

Purchase the audiobook on Audible.

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