STRSIASC: Spinach and crab dip

11072343_10100866549505294_97116181_nThis week, on Star Throws Random Shit Into A Slow Cooker, I made something. And it was amazing. And easy too. I love slow cookers. Here is my recipe. Enjoy!

Shit to throw in:

1 lb of mozzarella cheese
1 wheel of bleu brie
Handful of chopped spinach
1/4 stick butter
1/4 cup milk
16 oz of cream cheese
5 cloves of garlic (pressed)

Shit for later:

10 oz of white crab meat.


Add all “Shit to throw in” items and put the slow cooker on high. Stir occasionally. It will take about 3 hours to completely melt on high or about 6 on low. When completely melted, turn slow cooker to keep warm, and add the crab. Stir until it’s been mixed in.

Serve with veggies or chips for dipping. Get creative! I used raw asparagus for this dip and it was amazing. I’ve also used white Doritos chips and pita chips for this dip alone. Go crazy with it!