500 grams of flesh


[Image: Jerky made from some kind of meat. It looks off putting.]

In order to get a breast reduction insurance companies require you meet a certain mathematical requirement for how much breast tissue to have removed in order for the surgery to be considered medically needed. The formula says I need to have 500 grams (slightly more than a pound) of flesh removed from each breast.

I am currently a G cup with asymmetrical breasts. Due to my smaller breast, there is no way I could have that much removed without removing far more than I would like to. Because of this, I have been denied for the surgery 3 times. Even though I can show that I am in pain due to my breasts and that reducing my breasts would significantly improve my life, the insurance company can still deny me because I don’t hit the golden 500 grams of tissue to be removed.

And it’s not as if my plan is to be an A cup when I walk out of the doctor’s office. I have a large build and I’m very curvy. My goal cup size is a D. I was a D cup in college, before I gained all of the weight due to my binge eating disorder, and I was comfortable with that. It looked good on me, I felt good, and I liked the way that clothes fit me. That’s what I want to be when I get my surgery, so being utterly concerned that I’m going to take too much from my breasts is not even a valid worry.

Sometimes I feel like the only person that sees any reason to get a breast reduction is me. I’ve had a distinct lack of support from a lot of people. And honestly, I don’t really want to get a breast reduction. It’s a major surgery and I’m taking a lot of risks and subjecting myself to a long recovery time in order to do it. If I wasn’t in constant, life-altering, agonizing pain, I wouldn’t do it at all. But guess what? I am in this much pain and I know I would be much better off if I had my breasts reduced and that’s why I want it.

I don’t care how sexy men find me or how “proportional” people claim I look at this size, I’m in pain and I can’t live my life as actively as I want to. And that is not acceptable to me. I want to live without pain, be able to exercise, and maybe even stop being the woman with the big tits and just be a woman.

But that goddamn 500 grams is holding me back. No matter how much my life is impaired by my breasts or how much pain I’m in, none of that matters to the insurance company when all they want is 500 grams of flesh and due to the asymmetry of my breasts, I couldn’t give it and still be the size that I want to be.

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