Latuda and the (Female) Orgasm


[Image: Two people in bed having fun sexy time.]

I started taking Latuda about four years ago. I had been having trouble getting my medication to work and I was a few months past a suicide attempt and two inpatient psych ward visits. I was rather desperate to find something to level me out. When I got the Latuda I read all of the fine print that goes with it and noticed that there was a secondary side effect mentioned that you could have trouble orgasming. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

I was in the middle of my horrible relationship with someone that I wasn’t sexually attracted to. I had no sex drive and the idea of being stable was entirely too appealing to even give a shit about orgasms. When I noticed I was unable to have orgasms through sex anymore, which I was able to on fairly regular basis, I didn’t pay any attention to it. After all, I wasn’t sexually compatible with the person I was having sex with. Would not being able to come with him really be that surprising?

This lasted for the next four years. If I wanted to have an orgasm, I had to use a toy. I couldn’t climax any other way. After I left the bad relationship and started dating other people, I knew that I shouldn’t be orgasm focused during sex and I wasn’t. But as I started to enjoy sex, be with more partners, and experiment a little, the only consistent thing remained was that I wasn’t orgasming. At all.

Finally, I Googled the Latuda orgasm connection and all of the search results on the front page were of problems men were having trouble with orgasming. All of them. I assumed that this meant that not having an orgasm on Latuda was a male problem and wasn’t ultimately the culprit. While I’ve never been obsessive about orgasms, I started to really want to have one. I was enjoying being with my partners and being intimate, but having an orgasm through sex again would be just amazing.

A few months after I convinced myself that only men have problems orgasming on Latuda, I came across a post in a bipolar forum on Facebook that I’m a member of. A woman mentioned that she hadn’t been able to have an orgasm in months, after starting Latuda. I created a post and asked the other women if this was a problem that they had also experienced. It turns out that indeed it was. Lots of women came forward to tell me that they had trouble orgasming on Latuda as well.

Finally, I went to my doctor. As much as I loved the stability of Latuda, I wanted to have an orgasm through sex. It seems cruel to ask someone to choose between sanity and coming. Besides, I knew that there were other atypical anti-psychotics out there for me to try. So I switched my medication.

After I was on the Abilify, I noticed no major changes in my moods. I felt fine, to be totally honest. And then, about two weeks after the switch, I finally had an orgasm. First in over four years without a toy and it was fucking amazing.

So yes, ladies, if you’re having trouble orgasming after starting Latuda, it could be the Latuda that’s to blame. All medications come with side effects and this is just a weird one that is attached to this particular drug. Of course, lots of people take Latuda and never have this problem, but if you do, and all that you come across is information about men and their orgasms, rest assured, it’s not just a male problem. Talk to your doctor about changing your meds or trying something new if you can’t orgasm.

Life is too short to not be able to come.