Men of OKC: Sharyna’s Takeover: The man who wouldn’t give up

Some men don’t know when to give up. Even when you’re actively not interested and your conversation is boring as shit, they just keep talking to you as if you’re the love of their life and all of the very obvious reasons you would not be compatible don’t exist. This man was one such man. I had been talking to him before I handed him over to Sharyna. Our conversations never ventured beyond what I was doing and what my weekend plans were. I stopped responding to him, but he persisted. He would not stop messaging and when he messaged me once again, I handed him off to Sharyna. 2015-05-15 14-45-38This is the last message that I sent to him. I told him that I was doing my nails and he wanted to help. For reasons that I don’t even 2015-05-15 14-45-48He had mentioned earlier in the conversation that he was a house painter and offered to help me if I needed a house painting. Which, if that’s his pick-up line, I can’t imagine he’s very successful. How many women on OKC need houses painted? 2015-05-15 14-46-02This made me laugh so hard. As soon as I saw it I just cracked up. Now I was curious as to how in the world he was going to respond to this brilliant 2015-05-15 14-46-15If you know the words, sing 2015-05-15 14-47-19She lets it all hang out.

I don’t know how he is not rolling at this point. I mean, come on! This is fucking hilarious. I was dying when I was reading this. And he just asks about her day. Dude,  you’re killing 2015-05-15 14-47-33She makes it hard to conversate? She is having the best conversation ever! But even though he’s calling Sharyna difficult to talk to, he doesn’t stop talking to 2015-05-15 14-47-44This isn’t a misposting, this is in the middle of the conversation. Sharyna decides to try a new tactic. She’s going to ask him questions. A lot of questions. All questions. All the 2015-05-15 14-48-06And the questions have 2015-05-15 14-48-15Personally, I know where Green Leaf is and I have been there. But this is about to get good. Really good.screenshoteditThe questions get hilarious. My profile says that I live in the town that he’s referencing. But Questions-Only Sharyna is not done with him 2015-05-15 14-49-24He’s more than confused. 2015-05-15 14-49-37Yeah, what does he mean? Sharyna is just trying to get to know him through questions. And he’s not being very 2015-05-15 14-49-48He says that he gives up. But does he? DOES HE?

Spoiler, no, he doesn’ 2015-05-15 14-50-02He’s still at it. Still asking about Sharyna’s day. One thing I don’t understand is why men think that constantly asking someone how their day was is a great way to get to know them. They can only do so many things in one day. Why not ask something more interesting? Or ask other questions? Being asked day after day, non-stop how your day was just gets fucking annoying. Switch it up every now and then, dudes! 2015-05-15 14-51-02Sharyna is the question game champion! I was never good at this improv game. I would always screw up and make a statement without even thinking. But yeah, Sharyna is going strong. Although I have to say that, it’s funny to watch a guy get frustrated with someone being just as dense as he is as far as trying to make 2015-05-15 14-51-14Are you sure? I don’t think he does 2015-05-15 14-51-25At this point, Sharyna lost patience. No matter what she said, he kept responding, politely asking about her day. I clearly had no interest in him, Sharyna clearly had no interest in him even as Takeover fodder. Somehow, he wouldn’t 2015-05-15 14-51-38What’s this? Is he figuring it out? Does he know? DOES HE? 2015-05-15 14-51-46Nope. Just nope. 2015-05-15 14-52-02
So today Sharyna’s not only not wasting his time, she’s cool and very pretty to boot! At this point, I somehow think that this is due to the fact that his lackluster profile drew so little attention that he is still talking to Sharyna because she’s the only one talking to him. Mind you though, she’s still the one “wasting” his time and hers even though he’s the one keeping the world’s most boring message thread 2015-05-15 14-52-14After this, after Sharyna has already confused him, fucked with him, and called him out for his profile pic being a selfie in front of the urinal, she tells him that she can’t say the same for him because he’s not cool or pretty and he finally stops messaging. By this point Sharyna and I had almost exchanged 250 messages with him. By the way, he eventually changed his “selfie in front of a urinal” pic. But it was too late for him. Farewell, brave man. Hopefully you will find the woman with the house-sized hands of your dreams.

Update: He messaged me again, weeks later, still trying to get me to meet him. He offered to go on a bike ride with me in Virginia Beach. Just how few responses is he willing to get from women if he is still hitting me up after everything Sharyna put him through?

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