Men of OKC: Sharyna’s Takeover: Winner, winner

Out of the 20 men that Sharyna responded to, only one of them actually figured out that they were being trolled and that what they were receiving was not what I am capable of, and said something. This is the story. The story of a winner.

First off, this young man’s profile wasn’t bad. However, he is 23 and that’s entirely too young for me. I prefer guys my age or older and every time I give a younger guy a chance, I’m inevitably reminded of why I don’t date younger guys. But, to his credit, he figured this out and was more assertive than lots of men that were far older than 2015-05-16 16-54-40Sharyna fired up a random sentence/question generator and put it to work. She put it to work so 2015-05-16 16-54-43Awww, he called her “dove”. That’s cute. Points for a pet name that actually doesn’t disgust 2015-05-16 16-54-49He’s trying to make sense of Sharyna’s random sentences. But yeah, there is no figuring this 2015-05-16 16-55-02Because it doesn’t mean anything. It really doesn’ 2015-05-16 16-55-16This is a unique way to get to know someone. Trolling is a very special way to get to know 2015-05-16 16-55-31A bra? He’s trying. But he just can’t keep up with Sharyna’s nonsense. The random generator only did sentences and questions so it gets repetitive after a while. But he kept on truckin’! 2015-05-16 16-55-43Mr. Mohawk is now catching on that he’s being fucked with. And yes, he definitely 2015-05-16 16-55-56These aren’t riddles. There isn’t that much thought put into these at all. Or, you know, 2015-05-16 16-56-12And here you go. He did it. He called out Sharyna on her trolling. Not just because she was being weird but because he ACTUALLY read my blog instead of just claiming to. And he was absolutely 2015-05-16 16-56-18Congrats, Mr. Mohawk! You’ve beaten the system,  you’ve figured out it out, you now have the product distinction of being the only man in the entire Takeover to realize that you were being trolled and how.

As for what happened next, he proved his mental superiority and earned a conversation with me. We talked for a while before he stopped responding. It would seem that we were not compatible after all. But he still has a special place in my heart. And in the Men of OKC.

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