Men of OKC: Sharyna’s Takeover: A Case of Mistaken Identity

When you internet date, things can get confusing. Sometimes you think the person you’re talking to is far more interesting than they actually are. Sometimes you let them think that you’re far more non-corporeal than you actually are. Crazy things happen when you talk to the Men of OKC.

The Boy Wonder

Sharyna was mega excited to talk to one half of the dynamic duo. Read on to see how it 2015-05-06 07-45-56So it 2015-05-06 07-46-01This is where Sharyna gets her  idea. Even though he couldn’t type a coherent sentence, the game is on! 2015-05-06 07-46-12Sharyna is super excited to be talking to one half of the most famous crime fighting duo in the world! Wouldn’t you be honored? 2015-05-06 07-46-19Who has time for dating when they’re stopping villains and running around town in tights? I mean, 2015-05-06 07-46-35He can’t spill his secret identity completely, after all. PFLAG people. Sure, Robin. That’s what you and Batman call 2015-05-06 07-46-53Okay, so he’s not the most coherent person in the world. editYeah, the “site” messed up. That explains it. But now Sharyna has the Boy Wonder’s phone number. Will she call to continue this illicit romance? Yeah, we already know the answer to 2015-05-06 07-47-30He’s still not catching on. Which I find a bit surprising. I mean, come on. How many times has he probably been called the Boy Wonder in his time? But he’s still thinking  that Sharyna is referencing his work with the LGBT+ community, which, let’s face it, is awesome. However, don’t worry, he’s straight, and it’s just for what he thinks is 2015-05-06 07-47-43Again, it amazes me how little someone has to write to these men in order for them to declare you nice with a great personality. I mean, she’s acting like he’s a superhero and he just think that’s she super interested and polite. Come on, people. Why do I spend so much time putting thought into messages when this is what people are responding to? 2015-05-06 07-47-51Yeah, like Scarecrow and Joker and Harley Quinn. I bet they’re not nice at 2015-05-06 07-48-06Sharyna starts to lay it on thick as this guy doesn’t seem to be getting it. His attempt to text was shot down, but he’s still not catching on as to what Sharyna’s 2015-05-06 07-48-16And the truth comes out! There’s no more misunderstandings after this… Right? 2015-05-06 07-48-28So at this point, it’s clear that he’s caught up and he just doesn’t give a fuck. Why? Because my pictures are sexy, so clearly he has no problem letting me think that he’s a fictional superhero. I would say that he just started playing along at this point, but that seems to be giving him far too much credit. He does seem to get in on the joke later 2015-05-06 07-48-39So he finally gets it. And makes a joke. But is this the start of a romance that will linger on through the ages? 2015-05-06 07-48-48Nope. Robin has gone off to save the night from all kinds of super villains once again. He doesn’t have any more time for OKC!

The Ghost Whisperer

So it’s on my profile that I do a lot of jobs, including ghost tours. Sharyna decided to run with this idea and make it sound like not only did I do ghost tours, but I was a ghost, giving tours to other ghosts. Will a man on OKC appreciate her subtlety, her wit, and her cunning snark? Are you kidding? Of course 2015-05-06 07-55-36It starts out innocently 2015-05-06 07-55-45Just in case you’re wondering, his name is Mason. Everyone got that? Mason. That’s his name. Okay, let’s go 2015-05-06 07-55-57Get it? Ghost tours. It’s coming. Just wait for 2015-05-06 07-56-06At this point in the conversation I was thinking how much this actually sounds like me. I firmly believe that I’ve been in Williamsburg too long, but I also like some things about it that does make it unique. Hey wait… MAYBE I AM A GHOST AFTER ALL?! 2015-05-06 07-56-19Yes, when you’re a spirit that can’t escape wandering the streets of Williamsburg, giving ghost tours to tourists for minimum wage, it becomes less beautiful, 2015-05-06 07-56-23He’s still not picking up on it. Even with Sharyna’s admission that she’s tied to Williamsburg. Let’s see if he gets it with the next 2015-05-06 07-56-29At this point, it would be perfectly acceptable for Mason to ask Sharyna if she’s a vampire. I mean, come on. What kind of emo kid says something like that after talking about ghosts, being trapped, and not being able to leave a certain area?

Unfortunately, this is where the conversations ends. Apparently this creeped Mason out so much that he bailed. Sadness.

OkCupid is a strange place sometimes. You can meet superheroes, you can talk to ghosts. But the strangest thing of all is when you find intelligent life somewhere out there on the site. Keep your profiles updated and your expectations low. Until next time, this is the Men of OKC.

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