Men of OKC: Sharyna’s Takeover: When Things Get Real on OKC

Sometimes things get real on OKC. Like really real. Like unimaginably real. Other times… things like this happen.


Sharyna wondered what it would be like to go mega-literal-dickhead-pseudo-intellectual Professor Sharyna on some dudes. Spoiler alert: it was 2015-05-08 17-09-12I mean, come on, who doesn’t do that every day? 2015-05-08 17-09-18She does have a point. I was just reading an article about how “very” is a word that you should avoid using in writing. See? Sharyna is trying to educate. She mainly fucks with people, but you can learn things, too. 2015-05-08 17-09-29And this, everyone, is the power of boobs. Even with the previous messages sent, he still wants my number. Why? Because boobs. But Sharyna is there to inform him that she is far too deep and intellectual to do something as limiting as text. 2015-05-08 17-09-38Professor Sharyna is not just too good for this site, she’s too good for this WORLD.

Sadly, though, we will never know why he thought this. For some strange reason, he never responded. Can’t imagine why he didn’t want to keep talking to Professor Sharyna.

Stabby Face

This Man of OKC was someone that I had messaged back and forth rather extensively prior to him contacting me again. The conversation was utterly boring and pointless. He had nothing interesting to say and finally, after almost 100 completely useless messages, I just stopped answering. He didn’t contact me again for a while. But when he did, I handed him over to Sharyna. And some shit went 2015-05-08 17-11-31This is the last message he sent me. 2015-05-08 17-11-38So apparently I’ve named my breasts after Angelina Jolie and Geri Halliwell? Totally legit. Something I would do. Everyone move 2015-05-08 17-11-48… And my boobs have spikes and venom. Okay.

I really want spikes and venom on my boobs now. OMG, would that come in 2015-05-08 17-11-59That escalated quickly. I mean, he’s trying to keep up with the insanity of the conversation, but that’s just off-putting. 2015-05-08 17-12-05Power of boobs, everyone. The power of fucking 2015-05-08 17-12-10To be fair, this was far more interesting than our previous conversations about movies. It was strange as fuck and kind of made me feel queasy, but it wasn’t 2015-05-08 17-12-24And now it’s Sharyna’s turn to bump this up a notch. 2015-05-08 17-12-37I really wish I had an explanation for this. I really do. I mean, when someone tells you that you have a stab-able face, the last thing I could imagine to say back to it would be “thanks”. Is having a stab-able face a good thing? Have I been blissfully unaware of this until now? I don’t understand.

The conversation ends here. Probably for the best. Although I was curious to see if the power of boobs could be tested some more and after the admission of thinking about murder and how stab-able his face is, if he would still agree to meet with me. But alas… 2015-05-08 17-12-42Farewell, brave venom-sucker. You are gone but not forgotten. In fact,  you will never be forgotten as a Man of OKC.

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