Men of OKC: Sharyna’s Takeover: I think I’m paranoid

Dating on OKC takes a toll out of everyone. I seem to have quite an immunity built up to it after so many months on the site. Once Sharyna started her takeover, little did she know that she would lose her patience and some IQ points all in under two weeks. Read on to see the mayhem she inflicted on the clueless men that contacted my profile when they didn’t meet any of my criteria for dating as clearly listed on my profile.

Day 13: Sharyna has lost all sense of subtlety

This speaks for 2015-05-15 13-58-25Sharyna is a real trooper. She’s on fire and still taking the time to message men on OKC. How awesome is that? 2015-05-15 13-58-31Like Stabby McFace, he answers in a very strange way. And he doesn’t respond to Sharyna’s next message. In the time it took for him to message him, she has still been on fire and he doesn’t even care for her well-being. This is clearly an indication that he would not be a very caring boyfriend.

That’s all for this conversation. Good-bye, Sweet man. We will remember you always here on the Men of OKC.

50 Questions

Sharyna decided that the best way to get to know someone would be through asking them questions about themselves. After all, you can never be too careful in online dating. Let’s see how many strange and innocuous questions he answers before finally giving 2015-05-15 13-59-40It seems like a reasonable request, right? But this is Sharyna’s takeover. So let’s see how quickly this goes downhill. Spoiler alert: It’s really 2015-05-15 13-59-48He’s been hurt, too. Awwww. He knows the pain of heartache. Let’s see if he knows the whimsy of 2015-05-15 14-00-09Fair question. Some men that I’ve run into on OKC are here to cheat. Some consensually as they are open and/or polyamorous. But some are trying to do it on the sly and drag unsuspecting women into 2015-05-15 14-00-18Again, a good question. 2015-05-15 14-00-37This is when the man bailed and stopped answering. Which is a shame because Sharyna had lots more lovely questions for him. Here is the rest of the list she had going when she stopped messaging.

do you have any brothers or sisters
do you wear socks to go to sleep
do you like macaroni better or spaghetti better, Ive been led astray before
crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter
farscape or friends
oxfords: brogues or no?
do you use squeezy soap or bar soap dont try to lie to me Ill know I can smell the difference
maxine or regine
when you wish upon a star, does it make a difference who you are
what even is a woodchuck

Who wouldn’t need to know all of these vital things before dating someone? It’s just natural.

Gaslight Supreme

So what would happen if Sharyna started talking to a guy and pretend that she has already met him? Read on and find 2015-05-15 14-02-48This guy is already in! He’s made contact and Sharyna is totally digging him. 2015-05-15 14-02-55First off, my name is on my profile. Also, cool? He didn’t meet her last night and he knows it. Sharyna calls him out. She has crafted an entire story around this meeting that never happened. What DID that bouncer say? 2015-05-15 14-03-05He is the love of her life and he can’t remember her name! It’s like the plot of a Harlequin, only they had sex that night and now she’s pregnant with a secret baby. Because who doesn’t love a secret baby? 2015-05-15 14-03-15Strange how he knows that he didn’t meet her the previous night, he knows that she’s fucking with him, and he still wants her number? And why? Are we blaming this one on boobs as well? He stopped responding after this, so we will never know why he was so eager to meet someone that was gaslighting him.


Sharyna losing her subtlety was not only inevitable, it was 2015-05-15 14-30-00I like to think of this conversation like an episode of Doctor Who. Sharyna’s character has been attacked by “them”, a mysterious race of aliens that overtakes people through online communications. After you read and respond to their messages, it’s too late. They take over your body and you become one of them to continue their mission to take over the world. Sharyna has just been 2015-05-15 14-30-06It’s too late for Sharyna! 2015-05-15 14-30-15This was her final communication.

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