Men of OKC: Lier

It seems strange, but sometimes men that I already turned down months ago message me again, acting as if the previous conversation never happened. I have never figured out why this happens. If I turned someone down because I didn’t want to talk at that time or I told them distance was an issue and happenstance brought them closer to my area or something of that nature, I would understand. Something changed and there would be a reason to message me again.

However, it seems like some men are either not pay attention to the random women that they message or not intelligent enough to realize that they’ve already barked up this tree and there were no squirrels present. This man messaged me in January, then again in May. The first time he took my rejection pretty easily. The second time he was really sweet on 2015-05-08 14-41-04So this man had a 0% match with me and a 68% enemy rating. I was curious as to how we can disagree on so fucking much so I looked at all of the unacceptable questions in our profiles. The entire first page was one deal breaker after another one. Not to mention that his profile was minimally filled out and largely incoherent. I’m not a Grammar Nazi by any means, but if you can’t effectively communicate with me through written language, how the hell are we going to date? 2015-05-08 14-41-10This one was pretty clear cut and I laid it out completely 2015-05-08 14-41-22And he seemed to take it well. I didn’t respond after this and I figured that this was a pointless but brief interlude. But then he messaged again in May, making no acknowledgement that he had ever messaged me 2015-05-08 14-41-29When I got this message I didn’t recognize the username and thought it was a communication from someone new. It wasn’t and I didn’t even feel like writing an original response. So I copy and pasted exactly what I told him last time. Most because, it was all still true. But Sam wasn’t going down without a fight this 2015-05-08 14-41-35What I mean? I tell you what I mean. In the smallest words possible. I like dudes that are into science. I really do. But I also like dudes that know basic things that most kids know in 3rd grade, like the fact that the sun is bigger than the earth. 2015-05-08 15-08-23His retort would be completely solid if not for the fact that he did say that. And here’s the 2015-05-08 12-56-11So yes, he said that. He did. It happened. That’s just the 2015-05-08 15-08-28This is not the first person claimed they never said something that is clearly seen on their profile. Remember the Christian that threatened me? He claimed his questions weren’t accurate either. Probably because I called him out on it. But Sam is not done 2015-05-08 15-08-40Well, Sam, you’re not doing well here. Because… 2015-05-08 12-56-22 2015-05-08 12-56-25And then I discovered something really 2015-05-08 12-58-23So straight women acting like lesbians is fun and acceptable. Women actually attracted to other women are sinful and shouldn’t be allowed to have families? What? How the hell does that make any sense?

Anyway, I think he tried to call me a “liar”. I’m not sure. I’m not sure if that’s what he meant or why he thinks I would accuse a total stranger on a dating site of stating things that they never did on their profile. Also, I’m not sure why he seems to be completely unaware of what’s on his own profile. I inquired as to why I saw this information so clearly and he seemed to be blissfully unaware of it. 2015-05-08 14-42-07Nothing say that? Come on, dude. I’m not good enough with photoshop to be able to alter these photos. I can read English and guess what these questions are 2015-05-08 14-42-19Oh he read this questions alright. He read them and I’m a lying bitch. It always makes me laugh when a man on a dating site starts calling me names or insulting me. Two seconds ago they wanted to date me. Now, after politely turning them down and informing them why, there’s something horribly wrong with me. Come on, Sam. You’re better than this.

Well, okay, maybe 2015-05-08 14-42-27For anyone wondering, here’s what he thinks about 2015-05-08 12-58-05 2015-05-08 12-57-47 2015-05-08 12-56-55 2015-05-08 12-56-45Yep… Women are baby making machines that need to keep their legs shaved and let men be in charge of the household. Does this person sound like someone any woman should be dating? I know he’s not for me, but come on.

Anyway, he calls me a “lier” again and I’ve kind of had it with him not even able to insult me coherently. I 2015-05-08 14-42-36He never responded. Maybe because he didn’t understand what a pet name or a term of endearment was. I have no idea.

Anyway, this was a strange little interaction. I went back after the conversation had taken place to see if he had changed his profile questions. He hadn’t. His questions still indicate that he doesn’t understand elementary school science, that he doesn’t believe that LGBT+ people deserve equal rights, and that women need to keep their legs shaved. And he still probably thinks that I’m a “lier”.

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