Random Thoughts Semicolon

semicolon-tattoo-3[Image: a black and white photo of someone’s forearm. On their wrist is the tattoo of a semi-colon. Lower on their arm, barely visible, are the words, “stay strong”.]

I can definitely see the meaning and depth behind semicolon tattoos. But they don’t speak to me. Which should be odd. But for all of my love of tattoos and love of writing and love of mental health awareness, I never see myself getting one.

There is a cat currently pawing at me. She says hello.

I recently read an article talking about how insulting and infantilizing it is to call women “girls”. However, when I call someone a girl I’m calling them a Spice Girl. It’s the single most empowering title in the world.

I’m of the opinion there are certain situations where things have to work out. Either things work out or you die. So if you don’t want to die, you work really hard to make that shit work out. And then it does. Because your motivation was imminent death.

Being that I am generally a helpful person, I feel that a lot of people start taking my helpfulness for granted. As if I should be helpful, ever at all times, no matter what I’m dealing with or going through. There are certain times when things don’t work like that. I need a second, I can’t deal with your bullshit, my bullshit is overwhelming me. Time to take a number because I can’t help you right now.

Torrid is doing a model search and a few people have told me to submit photos to them. But honestly, I don’t want Torrid featuring a size 14 model. I want a size 20+, happy, beautiful, big girl up there, larger than life. There are so few representations of women that size in society, girls need to see those women, not me.

You know you’re loud when you can speak in what is a normal tone for you and get someone’s attention all the way across a room.

Man just told me that I have every right to be sexually open and expressive. AWESOME! Now that I have his permission, I’ll get right on that.

In the history of bad decisions I wonder where mine will rank.

My blog is running down and I have no interest in keeping up with it. It’s been about 3 years but daily posting is going to be a thing of the past.