Breast Reduction Dairies, Day 2

cleavage[Image: A shot of my cleavage taken from my point of view. Some bandages are visible.]

August 5, 2015

Surgery was a success. I haven’t see my breasts yet really. Only a quick glance as they were helping me dress. I have a feeling they’re very cute. The good news is that I didn’t need drains. I was rather nervous about that as it sounds both gross and complicated.

The few seconds I did see my breasts were just odd. They didn’t look like my boobs at all. Which, should have been a good thing, seeing as my original boobs were causing me so much pain. But it was jarring to see such a massive change in my body. Of course, my breasts need time to heal and settle into their new shape. What I’m seeing right now is not the final product, by any means.

After surgery Xander picked me up and we headed back to his place. I kept getting nauseous. Thankfully, I didn’t vomit, although the nurses gave me a basin just in case. I would just get the intense feeling that I would and then it would pass. I took a pain pill when we got back to the house.

After a nap, I had some mini bagel chips and we watched some bad children’s TV shows. I lasted about an hour before I needed to sleep again. Went to bed at 8:30pm and just woke up a few minutes ago.

I’m not really in pain. I feel sore mostly. My sides ache all the way down to my hips. I think that’s because I usually sleep on my sides and stretch them out when I’m fall asleep. I can only sleep on my back now, so they’re not getting the stretch they’re used to. My arms and armpits are also sore. Overall, this is better than I thought it would be and certainly manageable.

I feel much more lucid after sleeping. The anesthetic is definitely wearing off. Xander said the nurses told him I would be out of it for the rest of the day. He expressed some disbelief that this would throw me that much, and later on, they agreed. I wasn’t exactly ready to write a blog after surgery, but I was definitely with it.

My follow up appointment is at 3:45pm today. So almost 12 hours from now. I hope everything looks good and I get a thumbs up from Dr. Lopes. I am ready to start my convalescence.


Followup appointment went well. Dr. Lopes checked my breasts and I am healing nicely. I can already shower. I heard some women had to wait days for that. So that’s a good sign. I’ve been eating a little here and there. Nothing major. No more nausea. I took two pain pills this morning when the aching in my boobs got to be too much.

I have to say, when Dr. Lopes looked at my breasts I was all fascinated. They’re completely different! Different to the point where they don’t seem to belong on my body. I might have hated my heavy, pain-causing boobs, but at least I was used to them. It’s going to take a while to acclimate to my new breasts.

Should be heading home soon. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed tonight. I really miss my air filter and the kitties.

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