Breast Reduction Diaries, Day 3


[Image: Black background with white text reading, “Warning: This blog contains non-sexual pictures of breasts healing after a breast reduction procedure, displayed for educational purposes.”]

August 6, 2015

I’ve been taking it easy all day. It’s been rather nice. I was really sore when I woke up. I’ve been sleeping lying flat on my back and that apparently was not working out. So when I got up I took a pain pill and arranged my pillows so I had something to lay back on. That worked much better. Not sure why. I had seen some women mention sleeping in recliners and sleeping sitting up on the breast reduction forum though. So that’s what I did and it helped a lot.

I’ve been texting people and watching Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen so far this morning. The soreness in my arms is not bad. I was able to get a tank top on as I couldn’t stand the collared shirts I was wearing. They were so hot and uncomfortable. Now I have a nice breezy tank top on over my surgical bra.

Dr. Lopes said I could shower, but I’m not sure if I feel up to it. Washing yourself and your hair is quite a task when you’re on pain meds and a little out of it. I will try for that later on today, I think. Otherwise, I’m resting, relaxing, and taking it totally easy. Did some work on my BED research diary as well. All in all, today is going well.

Progress pic


[Image: a photograph of my breasts healing on day 3.]

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