Breast Reduction Diaries, Day 4

boobwarning[Image: Black background with white text reading, “Warning: This blog contains non-sexual pictures of breasts healing after a breast reduction procedure, displayed for educational purposes.”]

August 7, 2015

I ended up sleeping most of yesterday. I got myself some food for lunch and then just passed out. I was awake here and there to take my pills and occasionally do something productive. I edited some poetry last night. Not sure if it improved it or not, but it was nice to do something productive while I’m laid up.

I really thought I would be doing a lot more things while I was resting. I thought I would be reading and writing and doing all of that nonsense and really, I can barely handle texting people. I sometimes have trouble sticking with the conversation and remembering to text back. The pain meds make me feel really out of it. But my sides don’t ache anymore.

Speaking of sides, I was able to lay down on my side this morning. It was so nice. I curled up and watched more Bitchin’ Kitchen. I’m learning so much about cooking! But I’m slightly worried that I will forget all of this when the haze of my pain meds wears off. Who knows?

I know I’m enjoying being by myself right now. I got so burned out on human interaction, it’s nice to just text on occasion and sleep whenever I want. My blankets are so nice and warm and inviting. Although, I can’t seem to handle much of anything else. Noah came by yesterday to say hey and he was here for like a half hour and I felt the need to sleep again. I was exhausted after only a little bit. But I do need to rest. It feels so good to sleep.

Progress pics

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