Tila Tequila & Ad Hominem Attacks

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[Image: A Facebook post from Tila Tequila’s official Facebook account. Text reads, “Dear friends,

I know we have argued over this topic before, and I am not here to argue with you again about it this time. I am MERELY putting this message out there JUST IN CASE should any of you change your mind about this very serious subject matter. You don’t have to agree with me…. and if you don’t.. then please continue to move on and live your life the way you choose to. But I feel compelled to write this because I have a lot of friends, and family on here so I CARE about you!

If any of you are STILL injecting your babies with POISON aka vaccines; PLEASE STOP IT ASAP! I know, this argument can go back and fourth FOREVER and that is what THEY WANT! Divide and conquer! But it is and SHOULD BE a serious CRIME held in the highest regard for ANYONE to FORCE YOU to INJECT POISON INTO YOUR CHILDREN! Even if you are being “tricked” into doing it. God made us perfect. He made our babies perfect. He gave us super abilities to heal ourselves through him and our faith. How do you think I healed my Mom from her Cancer???? I’m not saying stop going to the doctor or anything like that… but the second you put more faith in MAN instead of GOD… you already lost the battle. Izzy is going to be 1 years old in 2 months, and to this very day she has NEVER gotten sick! Do you know why? BECAUSE I NEVER INJECTED HER WITH VACCINE POISONS! You will regret this one day. They do this to break down your immune system, causing you and your children to constantly get sick and not able to heal yourself through the natural ability GOD gave you to do so! So instead you are running back to MAN to cure all of your diseases and illnesses…. They are Using MASS GENOCIDE on all of you and you are ALLOWING IT! They are using REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY ON YOU AND IT IS WORKING! DO NOT LET THEM!

My sister’s kids, for example, are CONSTANTLY SICK! That’s because she continues to vaccinate them…. but she doesn’t know. And it hurts my heart to know that you are letting these evil corporations slowly kill your innocent babies and children. You MUST stop to think that ANY MAN BESIDES GOD, who is FORCING YOU TO INJECT ANYTHING INTO YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!!! THINK ABOUT THIS! WAKE UP! That is all I wanted to say. And should you choose to change your mind after reading this and TRUST YOUR HEART….. I pray that you will end up doing the right thing which is ceasing ALL FURTHER VACCINES. One day in the future this truth will come out because what goes up must come down…. and you are going to feel sick to your stomach knowing that you allowed an EVIL ENTITY trick you into hurting your own children. They are sick because it was your fault for allowing the continuation of it… and then once they get sick you go out and fill them up with more medicine don’t ya? Poor babies………. but it’s never too late to stop! Thank you that is all I wanted to say. Look how healthy, bright, smart, and happy Isabella is. Not saying that she is better than anyone, but she IS healthier. That is a fact. God bless you. heart emoticon PS- IF YOU AGREE THEN PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!!!!”]

Ad hominem: (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

I recently came across this gem on Tila Tequila’s Facebook page. After I reviewed her book, Hooking Up With Tila Tequila, I, for some reason, liked her Facebook page. I didn’t see much from her on my feed, but then this popped up. While I was saddened to see someone in any position of influence asserting that vaccines were poison, I was hardly surprised to see it coming from her. In the past Tila has made anti-Semitic comments in support of Hitler, claimed that Zionists rule the media, and has delved into other wild conspiracy theories in between posting naked selfies.

There’s so much wrong with this post! There’s so much to pick apart, to discuss, to point out! But what do people end up doing? Attacking Tila Tequila as a person and not her argument. And there’s no end to what’s wrong with her argument!

One thing I find incredibly annoying is that people are quick to haul off and announce that she’s crazy. Which, Tila has admitted to having bipolar disorder, so yes, she is crazy. But guess what? I have the same disorder. I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t think I ever cured someone’s cancer. So anyone dismissing Tila because of her mental health problems is dismissing me as well and there are a few small differences between my beliefs and Tila’s.

Just kidding. The differences are huge.

When we’re confronted with ridiculous and sometimes downright bizarre arguments and statements, we don’t prove any points or convince anyone of anything if all we can do is call them names and pick apart their personal lives. Tila is wrong in her assertions because there’s solid scientific evidence that vaccines have helped prevent billions of people from contracting terrible diseases and dying. She’s not wrong because she posed topless for Playboy.

Society has trained everyone to look at a person and pick apart their personal lives, particularly when it comes to women and slut shaming. But if you want to be a decent human being as well as have a strong argument, leave someone’s personal life alone unless it’s completely relevant to what they’re saying (i.e. if Tila claimed vaccines were bad, but she chose to vaccinate her daughter, etc.). Because really, when handed something like this, you don’t need any other ammunition.