Breast Reduction Diaries: 3 weeks post-op

boobwarning[Image: Black background with white text reading, “Warning: This blog contains non-sexual pictures of breasts healing after a breast reduction procedure, displayed for educational purposes.”]

Okay, so I forgot to write a blog on my 3 week anniversary. Whoops. I have to say, I stopped writing because life started returning to normal. And not just that. I started grad school! When you’re reading and writing every week for class, sometimes things fall by the wayside. Like blogs.

But the good news is that my breasts continued to heal, I’m not in anymore pain, and I started adjusting to my new body. I also started buying new clothes and became addicted to dresses. Fuck, I love dresses.

Progress Pics

9.12.15 262 9.12.15 263

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