The Book Launch Dress, v 2.0

IMG_1558[Image: A photograph of  me at Discover Teas during my book launch for Into Love and Out Again (ILAOA). I a wearing a vintage-style light pink dress with grey roses on it. My hair is up and I’m wearing a tiara. In one hand is a cup of delicious tea. In the other is a raised pen. I’m looking off in the distance, contemplatively.]

I have a new book coming out, What the Fresh Hell is This, and that means I’m having a book launch! That means I’ve got to get a lot of things done to make this happen, on top of everything else I’m doing. I need to coordinate with the venue, arrange snacks, enlist helpers for said snacks, outline the presentation, practice my reading, dig out my tiara, prepare myself for lots and lots of social interaction, and pick out a killer outfit.

When it comes to launching a book, apart from all of the work to fucking write the book, the event itself can be quite stressful. So I promised myself that when it came to sorting out my killer outfit, I was going to treat myself to a new dress.

For so long I’ve never celebrated any accomplishments for my writing. Encouragement for my writing was scarce and feedback even more scarce. I’ve always just thought of writing as something I did, not really something to get excited about. But when my book launch for ILAOA rolled around, I had worked so hard, I had done so much, I was so worn out, and damn it, I wanted something special to mark the occasion. So I decided to buy myself a new dress, just for the book launch.

And it felt awesome. The book launch event went well, so did the launch of the book in general. Launching a book is a huge project for anyone, even on a small scale like mine, and sometimes you need to look around and celebrate a little. I’ve decided to celebrate with a dress.

For What the Fresh Hell is This’s book launch I have already picked out my dress, tights, and shoes. I’m so excited to see the entire outfit come together. Also, I will be wearing my tiara again. After all, I don’t want to look too mature or grown up while launching the book.