What the Fresh Hell is This: Out Now!

12268674_906518476049901_565040618_o[Image: the cover for What the Fresh Hell is This. A blue background with an image of a woman with dark hair sitting at a desk with her head down. She is surrounded by books, with a desk lamp shining on her. Above her are religious symbols and the book’s title.]

That’s right! Scrapbook of Truth is proud to announce its latest release, What the Fresh Hell is This is available for sale. The book has been released in both digital and physical format!

A limited quantity of physical copies will be available for signing at the book launch on December 12th at 7:30pm at the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalist sanctuary. Be sure you don’t miss out on getting your own signed copy of What the Fresh Hell is This!

Read excerpt 1, Girls, R U Dateable? Probably Not

Read excerpt 2, The Cult of Suffering

Listen to the Introduction.

Watch the promotional video.

Watch the Q&A video.

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