About SOT

IMG_2409Scrapbook of Truth is a blog about the human experience. Mostly, my human experience. My aim is to articulate parts of the human condition that sometimes do not get all of the attention that they deserve. In the end, I would like for all readers to recognize the humanity in all of their fellow people and realize that we’re not all that different. But for our differences, we all deserve compassion and respect.

SOT publishes every day at noon. The posts are automatic and are usually posted months in advance (so when I die, my blog is going to keep posting like I’m reaching out from the grave to tell you what I’m thinking about. I hope it’s suitably creepy). Links are then auto posted to all SOT social media (click here to view SOT on the web). The best way to contact me is through the SOT Facebook page.

The blog’s official mascot is Happy Cat (pictured). You can read more about his story here. Know that he personally oversees a lot of the writing and helps keep me company on big stretches of productivity. He is also the star of his own indoor adventure series.

In 2014, I got a new domain name! I became a .net and never looked back. There might be some old links floating around out there, but rest assured, this is the only place to find my writing and the Scrapbook of Truth.