MiST 104 – Best to let go, I think, Part I

2981760-256-ke7d66536The girls are trying to find Kalinda a date. The guys are involved in a paintball tournament version of the Hunger Games. But no one has any time for these adventures when there’s MiSTing to be done! The team takes on the first part of the second book in the Victoria-Alicia series. Will everyone call her by her full name the entire time? How did she manage to live through the Civil War when she was born 15 years after it ended? Will Xzavior overcome his crippling co-dependency?

Read on and find out!
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MiST 98 – I Can Save You, I Promise, Part II

emo_angel-2340The MiSTers attempt to learn how to speak Leopardita. But they can’t quite get the inflection down. They barely have any time to practice before M calls them in for a MiST. Will they be able to conquer the second part of I Can Save You, I Promise? Or is this inconsistent emo love story simply too much for them to handle?

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MiST 91 – I Can Save You, I Promise, Part I

46777_Apple_Iphone_3473356283_a56ac549d0The MiSTers are struggling to master M’s new House MD video game when she calls them away for a MiST. Will their newfound medical skills help them to navigate the nonsensical world of their MiST, where guardian angels die, get reborn, date the people they’re supposed to be guarding and fall in love after being around someone for a few hours? Will they give up when the descriptions of a tedious date stretch into TL;DR territory? All these questions and more are answered in MiST 91.

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