Teaching Philosophy – Draft 1


[Image: a word cloud. The largest words are “teaching philosophy”. All other words are related to that concept.]

Note: I recently had a sinus infection and because I’m in grad school and working multiple jobs, I was unable to take enough time off to recover. So on I went! I had to write a teaching philosophy for my tech writing pedagogy class and I started on it as soon as I could… while I was whacked out on Sudafed. Here is my first draft. And no, I didn’t turn this in.

Teaching is an awesome thing that awesome people do while wearing really cool party hats. It’s super delicious and really boss. Everyone should teach something. But not only that! Everyone should learn something. Or better yet, learn while teaching! Because you can do both! When you teach you have to learn what your students’ needs are and how to best accommodate them. Because you’re not an effective teacher if you can’t actually get your students to learn anything.

If I was a teacher, I would have a really chill class. I would make sure everyone felt included and welcomed. We would have class discussions that were like conversations. And fun conversations at that! No ivory tower bullshit. Just fun and excitement and maybe there would be food. Who am I kidding, of course there would be food! Not every class though, we might get ants. Just every so often, so we can have a pot luck class and it would be great.

Is this really only 161 words? Wow, I thought I would have been able to write more about my teaching philosophy. I mean, I’ve never really done teaching on an academic level, I don’t know much about it, and let’s face it, I think my blogging class was less than successful sometimes. Although it’s hard to tell. Some people seemed to enjoy it. But others dropped out all together. Although that might have been due to the demands of technology. Which threw most of the students.

I don’t know how to have a teaching philosophy! I’ve never taught a college class. Is making it up as I go along good enough? Cause that’s all I’ve got right now. That’s everything.

Writer’s Block


[Image: a room covered in crumpled up papers. A chair and a desk is visible on the right side.]

I don’t get it often. Usually if it lasts for more than a few days, I start to get worried. I’m always writing something. A journal, a blog, a poem, and now, grad school papers. But when it came to my blog, I just didn’t want to work on it. My blog, my baby, the thing I go to every day to monitor and edit and work on. I just didn’t want to do it anymore.

It occurred to me when I decided to do a daily-posting blog with no additional writers that I might not be able to maintain this output forever. Keep in mind, in order to maintain my scheduled blogs, I have to write one a day. And that’s just maintenance. If I want to get ahead I have to write multiple blogs a day. And I managed it!

For a while. At the peak, I had over 120 blogs scheduled. But now, the number has dwindled to just over 30. Whereas I was overjoyed to dive in and crank out a 12k children’s media review or a massive MiST, I’m now more wary of my time constraints. Even doing Tempest’s Newsletter, which averages just over a thousand words, seems like a lot. For all of the writing I’ve done, I don’t feel as if I’ve gotten very far.

One huge change is grad school. Now in addition to working multiple jobs and writing books, I’m taking classes toward a master’s degree. And after reading and writing all day for class, the last thing I want to do is settle down with Tila Tequila’s epic tome and write until my head hurts. Also, the editing. I hate editing and the more I write, the more I edit.

When it comes down to it, things to come in phases. I went through a phase of intense blog writing. Now I have other things going on in my life. Good things, for once. When I first started my daily blogging I was writing to escape from my present situation and let’s just say that it was a good method of escape.

So things are changing on Scrapbook of Truth. Like all change, it’s scary. But I think this will all be for the best. And if it’s not, I’ll change back. But right now, let’s prepare ourselves for the next chapter for SOT.

Chickens in the Road Wool & Herb Retreat

Last weekend I attended a workshop on Suzanne McMinn’s Sassafras Farm. The Chickens in the Road blogger hosted the event at her home where we learned all about wool and herbs. We spent three days there and had a blast. My mother-in-law invited me and I invited my mom to come take some actual days off of work. Here are some pics of the amazing time we had.

P.S. I want a cow.