Star LaBranche


[Image: A selfie I took the first day of class. My long hair is down around my shoulders, I am wearing an orange lace dress and my silver monogram necklace.]

Star LaBranche is a compulsive writer who considers 10,000 words written in one day to be a “good day”. Always trying new styles and ideas on for size, her dream is to actually get paid for the writing she already does. Currently working on this plan, Star is releasing books, recording audiobooks, blogging on Scrapbook of Truth as well as other websites, and writing poetry about her breasts (no, seriously).

A graduate student at ODU in the English program with a concentration in professional writing, Star looks to strengthen her writing, expand her knowledge of her craft, and then move to the desert and get a rescue corgi. Anything else you could possibly want to know about her is on this website. Everything in the world.