ilaoa-storeInto Love and Out Again – June 30, 2015

“I want him to see the book for what it is, a long-ass love poem that got out of control.”

Falling into unrequited love, Star LaBranche sorts through her feelings in poetry, short story, and prose. With every raw emotion she pens the excitement of being in love, the agony of not having her devotion returned, and the painful process of personal growth that comes from accepting the situation. Written over the span of six months, this book is an exact timeline of discovery, devastation, and development. Billions of people worldwide have experienced unrequited love. This is one story, told through several genres.

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What the Fresh Hell is This? – November 22, 201512177753_897436803624735_911503022_n

Written in the upfront, take-no-prisoners style of Godswill Ministries, Star LaBranche explores the few highs and mostly lows of being an atheist among believers. Follow her revelations about her personal journey from a born and raised Catholic to an outspoken atheist to a member of the Unitarian Universalists. In a collection of essays and fiction, taken from the Godswill website, her personal blog, and featuring mostly new content, Star voices her struggles and triumphs of overcoming religious indoctrination, finding her own way in the world, and discovering exactly what she does and does not believe.

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Binders Full of Men  – Coming 2016colorfulbinders

Star LaBranche is a single woman navigating the world of online dating trying to find… well, something. A continuation of the super popular blog series Men of OKC, she weaves through a world of mismatched dates and clueless men. Along the way she meets homophobes, racists, pick-up artists, emotional abusers, and many more flowers from the asshole garden. Read through Star’s attempt to date online and keep her sanity. Spoiler alert: Sometimes the insanity wins.